Appearance: The color is cherry red, middle layer, with violet hues, clean and bright
Nose: The aroma is fruity, red fruits, fresh and intense.
Palate: The palate is of medium build, with soft tannins and balanced in its freshness aftertaste reminiscent of red fruits and touches of green snuff combined with mineral notes.


Appearance: With a straw yellow and gold trim verdeceos, low average intensity very clean and bright, dense and glossy tear.


Nose: medium to high intensity with aromas of tropical fruit such as passion fruit, guava and many aromas of white flowers such as jasmine and orange roses with hints of dried fruits like figs and dates.


Palate: A pass very balanced acidity, pleasant, silky, where we will see an explosion aromatic hints of fruit recalling pasificados and tropical fruits.


Appearance: The color is white with pale golden and silvery green iridescence. Clean and bright, with stylish and dense tear.


Nose: The nose has a very intense aroma reminiscent of tropical fruits such as passion fruit or peach and also reminds herbs like rue.


Palate: The palate is elegant, cool, with a perfect balance between acidity and sugar aftertaste reminiscent of dried fruits like raisins and dates, with hints of exotic fruits like custard apple and lychee.